Running Time

60 Minutes (no interval)

Performance Fee (US$ NET)

(Base on a 7-days tour, including international travel time)

3 Performances for US$ 15,000 NET (1-3 performances)

Up to 4th performance and the additional one’s on the same stage, each single show fee is US$ 2,000 NET

Touring Company


11 People

1 Director and Circus actor|Cheng-Tsung LIN

4 Circus actor|Shih-Ting YEH、Ching- Cheng LU、Shi-Yi ZHANG、Valentin Lechat

1 Stage Manager and Light Designer |Ching- Shiang CHANG

1 Interactive Installation and Perform image|Chin-Hsiang HU

1 Live Music|Tzu-Chi LIU

 1 Sound technician|LI,SHIH-HANG

1 Stage Manager|Cheng-Hua CHEN

 1 Tour Manager and International Relation|Szu-Ting PAN    

Set up/ Get in

16 Hours (stage: 3 people; lighting: 4 people; sound: 2 people)

Strike/ Get out

5 Hours (stage: 3 people; lighting: 4 people; sound: 2 people)


420cm*60cm*50cm, max. 120 kg. By air freight or shipping between countries and truck transporting between custom and venue

Stage Size

【Proscenium arch Theater】

Minimum:  (W) 11M x  (D) 10M  x (H) 5M

Maximum:  (W) 13M  x  (D) 12M  x (H) 6M

Special Requirement

◆ projector × 1 (12,000 lm or above)

◆ dry ice

Educational/ Outreach program


Let’s Play With Circus! Workshop

The performance group offers a free workshop of contemporary circus featuring bamboo material.

(120 minutes long; maximum 20 participants; recommended for people aged 12 and above)

Additional Cost for Organizer

w  International transportation for 11 people

w  Board and lodging: 1 single rooms+ 5 twin rooms including breakfast;

w  Perdiem US$40 per person/per day;

w  Local transportation upon arrival to the departure of the Company;

w  Intercontinental/continental freights shall be discussed between the Organizer and the Company;

w  Work permit and/or visa if required.


Cheng-Tsung LIN

Email: [email protected]

Szu-Ting PAN

Email: [email protected]